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Despite your best efforts, you can't seem to figure out a way to keep your family intact and save your marriage. After choosing a partner, you thought it was going to be forever. Now that your world seems to be crashing down around you it is time to get a compassionate and understanding legal team on your side. David A. Kropid, Attorney at Law is exactly what you are going to find.

Is your marriage in trouble?

You don't want to pay just anyone to handle your divorce. Put your case in the hands of an attorney with over 20 years of experience. Quality matters when everything you value is     at risk.

When you get divorced in the state of Wisconsin, the law gives the judge discretion on how to divide your property and assets. After I gain a thorough understanding of your circumstances, we will chart a course for a resolution which allows you to sucessfuly move forward.

Ensure fair and reasonable property division under your circumstances

You want to get through your case with as little stress and harm as possible. But, if a fight is necessary, you want a proven, driven attorney. Allow me to help you fight for what you deserve without costing you unecessary fees. In any case, you are going to go through a whirlwind of emotions. I will be standing strong by your side through the entire case, explaining the next steps, and preparing you so we can obtain the best possible result.

Get a resolution without all the anger

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