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Whether you have just gotten a divorce, or you are seeking custody of your kids, you need to have a powerful attorney on your side. David A. Kropid, Attorney at Law has the experience you want. With an aggressive approach at working to develop your strengths as a parent, you are sure to be represented positively in the eyes of the court.

Your children are your whole life

If you aren't sure what to do in your situation or if you are just looking for some guidance, call to set up a FREE, no obligation consultation so you can make a decision.

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You don't want your family matters to be long, drawn-out, painful experiences, especially when there are children involved. Allow me to help you settle whatever issues have arrived as quickly and painlessly as possible. From divorce to father and grandparent rights, put your trust in over 20 years of experience in practicing law.

Settle your family law issues as quietly as possible

Know that your child's interests are always put first.


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